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 100 Humans 

 7 Deadly Sins 

 A History of Britain 

 A History of Scotland 

 A House Through Time 

 A Stitch in Time 

 A World of Calm 

 African Renaissance: When Art Meets Power 

 Age of the Image 

 Agents of Chaos 

 America in Color 

 America: The Story of Us 

 Ancient Worlds 

 Andrew Marr on Darwin's Dangerous Idea 

 Art on the BBC: The Genius of Leonardo Da Vinci 

 Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief 

 Bad Boy Billionaires: India 


 Black in Latin America 

 Black is the New Black 

 Brain Games 

 Brazil with Michael Palin 

 Britain in Color 

 British Gangsters: Faces Of The Underworld 

 Buried: Knights Templar And The Holy Grail 

 Butterfly Effect 

 Chronicle Of The Third Reich 

 Civilisations (2018) 

 Classic Albums 

 Cosmos: Possible Worlds 

 Country Music 

 Cults and Extreme Belief 

 Cursed Films 

 Disney Insider 

 Doctor Who: The Doctors Revisited 

 Documentary Now! 


 DreamWorks: A Jornada do Dragão 


 Egypt Unwrapped 


 Elas no Singular 

 Eli Roth’s History of Horror  

 Elis: Viver é Melhor que Sonhar 

 Elvis Presley: The Searcher 


 Era Uma Vez Uma História 

 Evolution of Evil 

 First Peoples 

 Folktales from Japan 

 Frankie Boyle's Tour of Scotland 

 Fringe Nation 

 Full Steam Ahead 

 Gangs of Britain 

 Harlots, Housewives and Heroines: A 17th Century History for Girls 

 Hillary (2020) 

 História Secreta do Pop Brasileiro 

 Histórias do Rap Nacional 

 Hitler’s Most Wanted 


 How the Celts Saved Britain 

 How the Silk Road Made the World 

 How To with John Wilson 

 Imagine ... 

 In Search of Myths & Heroes 

 Inside the Freemasons 

 Inside The Medieval Mind 


 Jonathan Miller's Brief History of Disbelief 

 Ken Burns: American Lives 


 Mankind: The Story of All of Us 

 Michael Wood's Story of England 

 Milton e o Clube da Esquina 

 Mind Field 

 Murder House Flip  

 Music for Misfits: The Story of Indie 

 Mysteries of Mental Illness 

 Mystic Britain 

 Novels That Shaped Our World 

 Once Upon a Time in Iraq 

 One Strange Rock 

 Our Planet (2019) 

 Pirate Treasure of the Knights Templar 

 Planet Earth 

 Planet Earth II 


 Queer Britain 

 Racism: A History 

 Reggae: The Story of Jamaican Music 


 Renaissance Revolution 

 Rise of Empires: Ottoman 

 Rise of the Clans 

 Rock Legends 

 Secret Files of the Inquisition 

 Seven Worlds, One Planet 

 She-Wolves: England's Early Queens 

 Sinatra: All or Nothing at All 

 Sounds of the 70s 

 Stephen Fry The Secret Life of the Manic Depressive 

 Thatcher: A Very British Revolution 

 The 2000s 

 The Age of the Medici 

 The Blue Planet 

 The Boffin, The Builder, The Bombardier 

 The Celts 

 The Celts (2001) 

 The Circus: Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth 

 The Crusades (2012) 

 The Curious Life and Death Of... 

 The Death of Yugoslavia 

 The Defiant Ones 

 The Diary of Anne Frank 

 The Eighties 

 The French Revolution 

 The French Revolution: Tearing up History 

 The Genius of British Art 

 The Genius of Photography 

 The Great Composers 

 The History of Denmark 

 The Imagineering Story 

 The Incredible Human Journey 

 The Last Days of... 

 The Medici: Godfathers of the Renaissance 

 The Medici: Makers of Modern Art 

 The Movies 

 The Nineties 

 The Pharmacist 

 The Planets (2019) 

 The Revolution 

 The Road to War 

 The Rock 'n' Roll Years 

 The Seven Ages of Britain 

 The Sixties 

 The Staircase 

 The Story of Film: An Odyssey 

 The Story of India 

 The Story of Ireland 

 The Story of Wales 

 The Tesla Files 

 The UP Series 

 The Vietnam War (2017) 

 The Vow 

 The Wars of the Roses 

 The World Wars 

 True Evil: The Making of a Nazi 

 Turning Point: 9/11 and the War on Terror 

 Understanding Art: Hidden Lives of Works of Art 


 VICE Investigates 

 Victorian Pharmacy 

 Victorian Sensations 

 Visible: Out On Television 

 Walt Disney 


 Watergate (2018) 

 What Happened to Brazil 

 What Is Music? 

 Why Democracy 

 Wild China 

 Witches of Salem 

 Your Attention Please 

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