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1950-80 SITCOMS (128)

Formato Texto

 A Different World 



 ALF (1986) 

 Alias Smith and Jones 


 All in the Family 

 Amazing Stories 


 Archie Bunker's Place 

 Barney Miller 


 Bosom Buddies 

 Car 54, Where Are You? 

 Charles in Charge 

 Chico and the Man 


 Dear John (US) 

 Dennis the Menace (1959) 

 Designing Women 

 Diff'rent Strokes 

 Doogie Howser, M.D. 

 Eight is Enough 

 Empty Nest 

 F Troop 

 Family Affair (1966) 

 Family Matters 

 Family Ties 

 Far Out Space Nuts 

 Father Knows Best 

 Fawlty Towers 

 Get Smart (1965) 


 Gilligan's Island 

 Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C. 

 Good Times 

 Green Acres 

 Happy Days 

 Head of the Class 

 Hee Haw 

 Here's Lucy 

 Hey Dude 

 Hogan's Heroes 

 Honey West 

 I Dream of Jeannie 

 I Love Lucy 

 It's a Living 

 Just the Ten of Us 

 Kate & Allie 

 Laverne & Shirley 

 Leave It to Beaver 

 Lost in Space 

 Love American Style 


 Major Dad 

 Mama's Family 

 Married with Children 



 Mister Ed 

 Mork and Mindy 

 Mr. Belvedere 

 Murphy Brown 

 My Favorite Martian 

 My Secret Identity 

 My Three Sons 

 My Two Dads 

 Mystery Science Theater 3000 


 Night Court 

 One Day at a Time 

 Out of This World (1987) 

 Perfect Strangers 

 Petticoat Junction 

 Police Squad! 

 Punky Brewster 

 Quantum Leap 



 Sanford and Son 

 She's the Sheriff 

 Silver Spoons 

 Sledge Hammer! 

 Small Wonder 



 The Addams Family (1964) 

 The Andy Griffith Show 

 The Beverly Hillbillies 

 The Bob Newhart Show 

 The Brady Bunch 

 The Carol Burnett Show (1967) 

 The Cosby Show 

 The Dick Van Dyke Show 

 The Donna Reed Show 

 The Facts of Life 

 The Flintstones 

 The Ghost & Mrs. Muir 

 The Golden Girls 

 The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy 

 The Hogan Family 

 The Honeymooners 

 The Jeffersons 

 The Jetsons 

 The Jimmy Stewart Show 

 The Little Rascals 

 The Love Boat 

 The Lucy Show 

 The Mary Tyler Moore Show 

 The Monkees 

 The Munsters 

 The Odd Couple 

 The Partridge Family 

 The Patty Duke Show 

 The Phil Silvers Show 

 The Real McCoys 

 The Tracey Ullman Show 

 The Wonder Years 

 Three's a Crowd 

 Three's Company 

 Too Close for Comfort 


 Welcome Back, Kotter 

 What's Happening Now!! 

 What's Happening!! 

 Who's the Boss? 

 WKRP in Cincinnati (1978) 

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