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11.22.63 - 1x8

The Day in Question

11.22.63 - 1x2

The Kill Floor

9-1-1 - 2x13

Fight or Flight

Anne (2017) - 2x7

Memory Has as Many Moods as the Temper

Anne (2017) - 2x4

The Painful Eagerness of Unfed Hope

Anne (2017) - 1x5

Tightly Knotted to a Similar String

Arrested Development - 1x5

Charity Drive

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x10

Game Night

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x8


Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 3x5

Halloween III

Chosen - 2x6

Protect Your Own

Doctor Who (2005) - 4x18

The End of Time (2)

Euphoria - 1x8

And Salt the Earth Behind You

Friday Night Lights - 1x20

Mud Bowl

Fuller House - 3x7

Say Yes to the Dress

Glee - 3x3

Asian F

Glee - 4x6


Glee - 3x16

Saturday Night Glee-ver

Glee - 3x14

On My Way

Glee - 3x13


Glee - 3x11


Glee - 3x10


Glee - 3x8

Hold On to Sixteen

Glee - 3x7

I Kissed a Girl

Gotham - 5x12

The Beginning...

Legion - 2x6

Chapter 14

Lost - 1x9


Lucifer - 4x8

Super Bad Boyfriend

Me, Myself and I - 1x5

Family Tree

Misfits - 1x4

Episode Four

Modern Family - 9x6

Ten Years Later

Modern Family - 4x5

Open House of Horrors

Outlander - 3x6

A. Malcolm

Penny Dreadful - 1x5

Closer Than Sisters

Person of Interest - 3x8


Person of Interest - 2x22

God Mode

Person of Interest - 2x16


Person of Interest - 4x11


Person of Interest - 3x10

The Devil's Share

Rise (2018) - 1x10

Opening Night

Skam (GE) - 4x8

In Love

Skam (GE) - 4x7

You Are Who You Are

Skam (GE) - 4x5

Broken Hearts

Skam (GE) - 4x1

The Abiball

Skam (GE) - 3x10

Our Time is Now

Skam (IT) - 3x11

Three, Two, One

Suits - 3x7

She's Mine

Supernatural - 13x16


The Big Bang Theory - 2x11

The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis

The Big Bang Theory - 2x3

The Barbarian Sublimation

The Big Bang Theory - 12x16

The D & D Vortex

The Big Bang Theory - 11x24

The Bow Tie Asymmetry

The Big Bang Theory - 2x18

The Work Song Nanocluster

The Big C - 2x6

The Little c

The Big C - 1x13

Taking the Plunge

The Exorcist - 2x7

Help Me

The Good Doctor - 1x7

22 Steps

The Good Doctor - 1x6

Not Fake

The Good Doctor - 1x5

Point Three Percent

The Legend of Korra - 3x11

The Ultimatum

The Legend of Korra - 2x10

A New Spiritual Age

The Legend of Korra - 2x8

Beginnings, Part 2

The Legend of Korra - 4x2

Korra Alone

The Office (US) - 7x22

Goodbye, Michael

The Originals - 5x11

Til the Day I Die

This Is Us - 2x6

The 20's

This Is Us - 3x13

Our Little Island Girl

This Is Us - 3x11

Songbird Road (1)

This Is Us - 3x1

Nine Bucks

Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan - 1x8


Touch - 1x2


Veep - 6x8


Westworld - 2x8


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