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Cenas Memoráveis < 3

Cenas Memoráveis < 3 (21)

Formato Texto
Black Mirror - 3x4
San Junipero
Chernobyl - 1x3
Open Wide, O Earth
Fringe - 2x8
Game of Thrones - 6x9
Battle of the Bastards
Game of Thrones - 3x9
The Rains of Castamere
Girls - 5x10
I Love You Baby
Grey's Anatomy - 11x21
How to Save a Life
Grey's Anatomy - 10x17
Do You Know?
Grey's Anatomy - 5x24
Now or Never
Homeland - 4x10
13 Hours in Islamabad
Homeland - 4x9
There's Something Else Going On
Mad Men - 7x14
Person to Person
Mad Men - 7x8
Mr. Mercedes - 1x8
From the Ashes
The Fall - 2x3
Beauty Hath Strange Power
The Leftovers - 3x8
The Book of Nora
The Leftovers - 3x7
The Most Powerful Man in the World (and His Identical Twin Brother)
The Leftovers - 2x8
International Assassin
The O.C. - 3x25
The Graduates
This Is Us - 1x1
Years and Years - 1x4
Episode 4
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