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Episodios Favoritos (169)

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13 Reasons Why - 1x13

Tape 7, Side A

13 Reasons Why - 1x12

Tape 6, Side B

13 Reasons Why - 1x11

Tape 6, Side A

American Gods - 1x8

Come to Jesus

American Horror Story - 6x5

Chapter 5

Animal Kingdom (2016) - 2x6

Cry Havoc

Atlanta - 1x7


Atypical - 1x8

The Silencing Properties of Snow

Band of Brothers - 1x7

The Breaking Point

Banshee - 3x5


Banshee - 3x3

A Fixer of Sorts

Banshee - 3x10

We All Pay Eventually

Bates Motel - 5x2

The Convergence of the Twain

Bates Motel - 4x10


Bates Motel - 4x9


Bates Motel - 5x10

The Cord

Bates Motel - 5x6


Better Call Saul - 3x5


Black Mirror - 4x6

Black Museum

Black Mirror - 4x4

Hang the DJ

Black Mirror - 2x2

White Bear

Black Mirror - 2x1

Be Right Back

Black Mirror - 1x1

The National Anthem

Black Sails - 2x10


Black Sails - 1x8


Black Sails - 4x10


Black Sails - 4x3


Black Sails - 3x10


Black Sails - 3x9


Breaking Bad - 5x15

Granite State

Breaking Bad - 5x14


Breaking Bad - 4x13

Face Off

Breaking Bad - 5x16


Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x10

Game Night

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x9


Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 5x4


Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 4x16

Moo Moo

Brooklyn Nine-Nine - 1x22

Charges and Specs

Chernobyl - 1x5

Vichnaya Pamyat

Chicago PD - 3x3

Actual Physical Violence

Chicago PD - 2x23

Born Into Bad News

Chicago PD - 2x7

They'll Have to Go Through Me (3)

Chicago PD - 1x15

A Beautiful Friendship

Chicago PD - 3x23

Start Digging

El Chapo - 2x12

Episode 12

Escape at Dannemora

Fargo - 2x9

The Castle

Fargo - 1x10

Morton's Fork

Game of Thrones - 7x7

The Dragon and the Wolf

Game of Thrones - 7x4

The Spoils of War

Game of Thrones - 6x10

The Winds of Winter

Game of Thrones - 6x9

Battle of the Bastards

Game of Thrones - 6x5

The Door

Game of Thrones - 5x10

Mother's Mercy

Game of Thrones - 5x8


Genius (2017) - 1x10

Einstein: Chapter Ten

Godless - 1x7


Hannibal - 2x13


House of Cards (2013) - 4x13

Chapter 52

House of Cards (2013) - 4x4

Chapter 43

House of Cards (2013) - 2x13

Chapter 26

House of Cards (2013) - 2x1

Chapter 14

Humans - 2x8

Episode 8

Into the Badlands - 1x6

Hand of Five Poisons

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 11x10

The Gang Goes to Hell: Part Two

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia - 12x6

Hero or Hate Crime?

Justified - 6x13

The Promise

Legion - 2x11

Chapter 19

Legion - 1x8

Chapter 8

Legion - 1x7

Chapter 7

Legion - 1x5

Chapter 5

Legion - 1x1

Chapter 1

Longmire - 4x10

What Happens On The Rez...

Man Seeking Woman - 3x10


Manhunt: Unabomber - 1x8

USA vs Theodore J. Kaczynski

Marvel's Daredevil - 2x13

A Cold Day in Hell's Kitchen

Marvel's Daredevil - 2x3

New York's Finest

Marvel's Daredevil - 1x13


Marvel's Jessica Jones - 1x13

AKA Smile

Marvel's Jessica Jones - 1x9

AKA Sin Bin

Marvel's The Defenders - 1x8

The Defenders

Mindhunter - 1x10

Episode 10

Mr. Robot - 1x6


Mr. Robot - 3x5


Mr. Robot - 1x1


Mr. Robot - 3x2


Mr. Robot - 2x10


Mr. Robot - 2x7


Mr. Robot - 2x6


Mr. Robot - 1x10


Mr. Robot - 1x9


Mr. Robot - 1x8


Narcos - 1x6


Narcos - 3x10

Going Back to Cali

Narcos - 3x9

Todos Los Hombres del Presidente

Narcos - 2x10

Al Fin Cayó!

Narcos - 2x6

Los Pepes

Narcos - 2x4

The Good, The Bad and The Dead

Narcos - 1x10


Narcos - 1x8

La Gran Mentira

On My Block - 1x10

Chapter Ten

Orphan Black - 5x10

To Right the Wrongs of Many

Oz - 4x8

You Bet Your Life

Parks and Recreation - 7x13

One Last Ride, Part 2

Parks and Recreation - 7x12

One Last Ride, Part 1

Patrick Melrose - 1x5

At Last

Peaky Blinders - 4x6

The Company

Peaky Blinders - 3x6

Episode 6

Penny Dreadful - 3x9

The Blessed Dark

Person of Interest - 5x13

return 0

Pose - 1x8

Mother of The Year

Power - 2x10

Ghost Is Dead

Santa Clarita Diet - 2x10


Seven Seconds - 1x10

A Boy and a Bike

Sex Education - 1x8


Shades Of Blue - 2x13

Broken Dolls

Shameless (US) - 9x6

Face It, You're Gorgeous

Shameless (US) - 7x12

Requiem For a Slut

Shameless (US) - 3x12

Survival of the Fittest

Sneaky Pete - 1x10

The Longest Day

Sons of Anarchy - 7x13

Papa's Goods

Sons of Anarchy - 7x12

Red Rose

Sons of Anarchy - 7x11

Suits of Woe

Sons of Anarchy - 7x10

Faith and Despondency

Sons of Anarchy - 6x13

A Mother's Work

Sons of Anarchy - 5x4

Stolen Huffy

Southland - 5x9


Spartacus - 3x10


Spartacus - 1x13

Kill Them All

Stranger Things - 2x9

Chapter Nine: The Gate

Stranger Things - 2x8

Chapter Eight: The Mind Flayer

Stranger Things - 1x8

Chapter Eight: The Upside Down

The Americans - 6x10


The Americans - 3x13

March 8, 1983

The Americans - 3x10


The Americans - 2x13


The Good Doctor - 1x18


The Handmaid's Tale - 1x10


The Knick - 2x10

This Is All We Are

The Last Kingdom - 1x8

Episode 8

The Shield - 7x13

Family Meeting

The Sopranos - 6x20

The Blue Comet

The Sopranos - 6x21

Made in America

The Strain - 3x10

The Fall

The Walking Dead - 5x1

No Sanctuary

The Walking Dead - 4x8

Too Far Gone

The Walking Dead - 1x1

Days Gone Bye

The Walking Dead - 6x9

No Way Out

The Walking Dead - 6x2


The Walking Dead - 5x16


The Wire - 5x10


The Wire - 4x13

Final Grades

The Wire - 3x12

Mission Accomplished

The Wire - 3x11

Middle Ground

True Detective - 1x8

Form and Void

Underground - 1x10

The White Whale

United States of Tara - 2x12

From This Day Forward

Utopia - 1x6

Episode 6

Veep - 7x7


Veep - 4x10

Election Night

Vikings - 4x15

All His Angels

Vikings - 2x10

The Lord's Prayer

Waco - 1x6

Day 51

Westworld - 1x1

The Original

Westworld - 2x10

The Passenger

Westworld - 1x10

The Bicameral Mind

When We Rise - 1x4

Part II

When We Rise - 1x8

Part IV

Z Nation - 1x13

Doctor of the Dead

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