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BLs Assistidos (201)

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 1000 Stars 

 180 Degree Longitude Passes Through Us 

 21 Days Theory 

 2gether: The Series 

 2Wish The Series 

 609 Bedtime Story 

 A Boss and a Babe 

 A Breeze of Love 

 A First Love Story 

 A Secretly Love 

 A Shoulder to Cry On 

 About Youth 

 Addicted (2016) 

 Ai Long Nhai 

 All The Liquors 

 Although I Love You, And You? 

 Anti Reset 

 Bad Buddy 

 Bake Me Please 

 Be Loved in House 

 Be Mine, SuperStar 

 Be My Favorite 

 Because of You (2020) 

 Bed Friend 

 Behind Cut 

 Between Us 

 Big Dragon 

 Blue of Winter 


 Bon Appetit 


 Boys' Lockdown 

 Bump Up Business 

 Candy Color Paradox 

 Chains Of Heart 

 Chapter of Green 

 Cherry Blossoms After Winter 

 Cherry Magic 

 Cherry Magic! 

 Choco Milk Shake 

 Color Rush 

 Colorful Melody 

 Craving You 

 Crush On You 

 Cupid's Last Wish 

 Cutie Pie 

 Dangerous Romance 

 Dark Blue And Moonlight 

 Dear Doctor 

 Destiny Seeker: The Series 

 Don't Say No 

 En Of Love 

 Endless Eighteen 

 Eternal Yesterday 

 Even Sun 

 Every Moment that I Think of You 

 Fish Upon the Sky 

 Follow My Sunshine: The Series 



 Getaway (2022) 


 Given (2021) 

 Happy Ending (2024) 

 Happy Ending Romance 

 Happy Merry Ending 

 Hard Love Mission 

 He She It 


 Hidden Agenda 

 Hit Bite Love 

 I Became the Main Role of a BL Drama 

 I Cannot Reach You 

 I Feel You Linger in the Air 

 I Will Knock You 

 If It's With You 

 Indigo no Kibun 

 Individual Circumstances 

 Innocent (2021) 

 Jack Frost 

 Jazz for Two 

 Jun and Jun 


 Kiseki: Dear to Me 

 Kissable Lips 

 Last Twilight 

 Laws of Attraction 

 Let's Goal Together 

 Light On Me 

 Long Time No See 

 Love Class 

 Love for Love's Sake 

 Love in the Air 

 Love in Translation 

 Love Is Better the Second Time Around 

 Love Machine 

 Love Mate 

 Love Mechanics 

 Love On Lo 

 Love Stage (2021) 

 Love Syndrome 

 Love Tractor 

 Love With Benefits 

 Lovely Writer (2021) 

Magic of Zero - 1x3
Zero Supporter

 Make a Wish (2023) 

 Manner Of Death 

 Minato's Laundromat: Wash My Heart! 

 Moments of Love 

 Moonlight Chicken 

 Mr. Heart 

 Mr. Sahara & Toki-kun 

 Mr. Unlucky Has No Choice But To Kiss 

 My Beautiful Man 

 My Boyfriend 

 My Dear Gangster Oppa 

 My Mate Match 

 My Personal Weatherman 

 My Roommate 

 My School President 

 My Secret Love 

 My Strawberry Film 

 My Sweet Dear 

 My Tooth Your Love 

 Never Let Me Go (2022) 

 Night Dream 

 Not Me 

 Ocean Like Me 

 Oh! Boarding House 

 Oh! My Assistant 

 Oh! My Sunshine Night 

 On Cloud Nine 

 Once Again (2022) 

 Once in Memory 

 Only Friends 

 Organize The Mess. Teenager 2 Bo. 

 Our Dating Sim 

 Our Days (2022) 

 Our Dining Table 

 Our Skyy 

 Our Winter 


 Perfect Propose 

 Pit Babe: The Series 

 Plus & Minus 

 Rainbow Lagoon 

 Remember Me (2022) 

 Roommate: The Series 

 Roommates of Poongduck 304 

 Semantic Error (2022) 

 Sing My Crush 

 Sotus: The Series 

 Star and Sky: Sky in Your Heart 

 Star and Sky: Star In My Mind 

 Star Struck 


 Stay by My Side 

 Stay Still 

 Stay With Me (2023) 

 Step by Step (2023) 

 Sukisuki Wanwan! 

 Takara and Amagi 

 TharnType: The Series 

 The 8.2 Second Rule 

 The Best Story 

 The Boy Next Door 

 The Day I Loved You 

 The Director Who Buys Me Dinner 

 The Eclipse 

 The Eighth Sense 

 The End Of The World, With You 

 The Letters 

 The Miracle of Teddy Bear 

 The Moment I Need You 

 The Moment Since 

 The New Employee 

 The Sign 

 The Star Always Follow You 

 The Tasty Florida 

 The Tuxedo 

 Thonhon Chonlathee 

 To My Star 

 Together With Me 


 Twins: The Series 

 Unforgotten Night 

 Unintentional Love Story 

 Until We Meet Again 

 Vice Versa (2022) 

 We Best Love 

 Wedding Plan 

 What If (2022) 

 Where Your Eyes Linger 

 Why R U? (KR) 

 Why R U?: SaifahZon Story 

 Why R U?: The Series 

 Win Jaime's Heart 

 Wish You: Your Melody in My Heart 

 You Are Mine 

 You Make Me Dance 

 Young Royals 

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