Itamy Sandoval

Listas de Itamy Sandoval:
1x01- Brand New Day
1x02- I Am Also a We
1x03- With a Little Help From My Friends
1x04- Leftovers of Podmaniacos
1x05- And The Oscar Goes To
1x06- Hinokami
1x07- Stuck in the Middle With You, Part 1
1x08- Stuck in the Middle With You, Part 2
1x09- Stuck in the Middle With Movies
2x01- Charming, Pawnnee, Tree Hill and Litchfield
2x02- 9-1-1: Adventure Insecure Sex
2x03- Lucifer The Better Atypical
2x04- Looking For Barry Steven Saul
2x05- Good Psych Desperate Wife
2x06- Outlander Veronica Homeland
2x07- Seinfeld Oz Queer Park
2x08- Curb Your Bones in the Bates Castle
2x09- Euphoric Night With Six Americans
3x01- Ten Years After
3x02- Twenty One Pilots
3x03- Thirty Seconds To Mars
3x04- Forty Foot Echo
3x05- 50 Cent
3x06 - Sixty Miles
3x07- Seventy Times Seven
3x08- Element Eighty
3x09- Ninety One
3x10- Paramore
4x01- Saving People, Huting Things, The Family Business
4x02- It's Hard to Shake All that History in One Moment, Trust Me I Know
4x03- Title Of Your Sex Tape
4x04- What We're Fighting For
4x05- He's Not The Sun, You Are
4x06- Always try to be Nice, But Never Fail to be Kind
4x07- There’s a ‘We’ for Us to Talk About
4x08- Shinzou wo Sasageyo!
4x09- Sometimes, It Is A Big D**k Competition
4x10- Women and Death
4x11- Anyone Who Had A Heart
4x12- Never Ricking Morty
5x01- It's Dramatic
5x02- It's Comedy or Cabbage
5x03- It's Not Real
5x04- What Is and What Should Never Be
5x05- A Hundred Million Suns
5x06- The Hero Dies in This One
5x07- Endless Forms Most Beautiful
5x08- Endless Forms Most Beautiful 2
5x09- Is This Really How It's Going To End?!
5x10- The End of All Things
6x01- Crème de la Crème
6x02- I Don't Have Much Time
6x03- Toy Story
6x04- Guilty Pleasure (One Night Stand)
6x05- Backwards and Forwards
6x06- Hey, That's the Name of the Book
6x07- Podcast Fan Boy
6x08- I Let You Go
6x09- The Psychology of Letting Go
6x10- Gone Too Soon
6x11- I Bet You Thought You'd Seen The Last Of Me
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Listas favoritas de Itamy Sandoval:
S02E12 - The British Invasion
S02E13 - The Hero Dies In This One [E]
S05E07 - You Jump, I Jump, Jack [E]
S03E17 - Fetal Position [E]
S04E04 - One Halloween At a Time [E]
S04E11 - Judge, Jury and Executioner
S04E14 - Sad Songs for Dirty Lovers [E]
S05E02 - The House of Black and White [E]
S05ESP - #andamovie

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