Quando Volta/Estreia (100)

07/08Word Party Songs - 01x01TBANetflix
07/08Selling Sunset - 03x01TBANetflix
07/08Time to TWICE - 04x01Healing Camping EP.01V LIVE
07/08Nailed It! Mexico - 02x01TBANetflix
07/08Amore - 01x011Youtube
07/08Sing On! Germany - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
07/08Tiny Creatures - 01x01TBANetflix
07/08Wizards: Tales of Arcadia - 01x01Episode 01Netflix
07/08Diners, Drive-ins and Dives - 33x01Takeout: Worldwide DeliveryFood Network
07/08Alta Mar - 03x01Ep. 3x1Netflix
08/08My Day: The Series - 01x01Ep. 1x1Youtube
10/08Game On: A Comedy Crossover Event - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
10/08The Masked Singer (AU) - 02x01Episode 1Network Ten
11/08Hard Knocks (2001) - 15x01Training Camp with the Los Angeles Rams / Chargers - #1HBO
11/08Lonely Enough To Love - 01x01Ep. 1x1MBC Every 1
12/08(Un)Well - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
12/08The Bachelor Australia - 08x01Episode 1Network Ten
13/08Infinity Train - 03x01Episode 1HBO Max
13/08Selena + Chef - 01x01Ludo LefebvreHBO Max
13/08Mandy - 01x01JobseekerBBC Two
14/082gether: The Series - 02x01Still 2gether #1GMM One
14/08Teenage Bounty Hunters - 01x01TBANetflix
14/083% - 04x01Capítulo 01Netflix
14/08World's Toughest Race: Eco-Challenge Fiji - 01x01Episode 1.1Amazon
14/08El Robo Del Siglo - 01x01TBANetflix
14/08Ted Lasso - 01x01Episode 1Apple TV+
15/08Stranger - 02x01Episode 1tvN
16/08Lovecraft Country - 01x01SundownHBO
17/08Glitch Techs - 02x01TBANetflix
17/08SF8 - 01x01The PrayerMBC
19/08DeMarcus Family Rules - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
19/08High Score - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
19/08When I Was Most Beautiful - 01x01Episode 1MBC
20/08BTS: In The Soop - 01x01Episode 1jTBC
20/08Biohackers - 01x01Ep. 1x1Netflix
20/08Alarm für Cobra 11 - Die Autobahnpolizei - 47x01Ep. 47x1RTL
20/08The Fungies! - 01x01Episode 1HBO Max
21/08RuPaul's Drag Race: Vegas Revue - 01x01Episode 01VH1
21/08Skam (GE) - 05x01Ep. 5x1ZDF
21/08Hoops - 01x01The PilotNetflix
21/08Lucifer - 05x01Really Sad Devil GuyNetflix
22/08Love in the Time of Corona - 01x01The Course of LoveFreeform
22/08Love Alarm - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
23/08The Vow - 01x01TBDHBO
24/08Love Island (US) - 02x01Episode 1CBS
25/08Trinkets - 02x01TBANetflix
26/08Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol - 01x01Ep. 1x1KBS2
26/08Million Dollar Beach House - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
27/08Aggretsuko - 03x01TBANetflix
27/08Ravi Patel's Pursuit of Happiness - 01x01Growing Old in MexicoHBO Max
28/08Koh-Lanta - 25x01Ep. 25x1TF1
30/08Love Fraud - 01x01Episode 1Showtime
31/08Better Days (2020) - 01x011Youtube
01/09Chicken Girls - 07x01TBHYoutube
01/09Teen Mom 2 - 10x01Episode 1MTV
02/09Ghosted: Love Gone Missing - 02x01Episode 1MTV
03/09Raised by Wolves (2020) - 01x01TBAHBO Max
03/09A.P. BIO - 03x01TBAPeacock
04/09The Boys (2019) - 02x01The Big RideAmazon
04/09Away - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
06/09Power Book II: Ghost - 01x01The StrangerStarz
06/09The Block - 16x01Episode 1Nine Network
06/09Kamen Rider Saber - 01x01Episode 1TV Asahi
06/09Undercover (2019) - 02x01Ep. 2x1één
07/09Record of Youth - 01x01Ep. 1x1tvN
09/09Woke - 01x01Rhymes with BrokeHulu
10/09Carlo & Malik - 02x01Ep. 2x1RAI 1
10/09Julie and the Phantoms - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
11/09Sailor Moon Crystal - 04x01Sailor Moon EternalTokyo MX
11/09Family Business (2019) - 02x01Ep. 2x1Netflix
12/09Oxygen: The Series - 01x011LINE TV
14/09The Third Day - 01x01Friday The FatherHBO
14/09We Are Who We Are - 01x01Episode 1HBO
14/09Enslaved - 01x01TBDEPIX
16/09Archer (2009) - 11x01Episode 1FXX
17/09Dragon's Dogma - 01x01TBANetflix
18/09PEN15 - 02x01PoolHulu
18/09I'm Tee, Me Too - 01x01Ep. 1x1GMM One
18/09Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous - 01x01Episode 1Netflix
18/09Ratched - 01x01PilotNetflix
18/09Long Way Up - 01x01Episode 1Apple TV+
21/09Filthy Rich - 01x01PilotFox
25/09Marvel's 616 - 01x01Episode 1Disney+
27/09Patria - 01x01Ep. 1x1HBO
27/09Bob's Burgers - 11x01Episode 1Fox
27/09The Simpsons - 32x01TBAFox
27/09Family Guy - 19x01Episode 1Fox
27/09The Comey Rule - 01x01Part 1Showtime
27/09Bless the Harts - 02x01TBAFox
29/09Ramo - 02x01Episode 1Show TV
30/09Baby - 03x01Ep. 3x1Netflix
01/10L.A.'s Finest - 02x01The Curse of the Black PearlSpectrum
02/10Warrior - 02x01Episode 1Cinemax
02/10Assault Lily Bouquet - 01x01Ep. 1x1Tokyo MX
03/10Conta-me Como Foi - 07x01Ep. 7x1RTP1
04/10The Walking Dead: World Beyond - 01x01BraveAMC
04/10The Good Lord Bird - 01x01Episode 1Showtime
04/10The Comedy Store - 01x01Episode 1Showtime
05/10A3! Season Spring and Summer - 02x01Ep. 2x1BS11
05/10To Your Eternity - 01x01Ep. 1x1NHK

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